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Soap Buy and Sell NZ – Facebook Group

Soap Buy and Sell NZ – Facebook Group

Facebook Group - Soap Buy Sell NZ

Soap Buy and Sell New Zealand

One thing I discovered pretty early on when I decided to sell Soap Cages was a lack of choice at the supermarket for kitchen and laundry soap. Sunlight Soap is the only option at my local supermarket so I’m on a bit of a mission to find a great kitchen soap to recommend to my customers.

Along that journey, I discovered that I couldn’t find a good facebook group that focussed on buying and selling homemade soap in NZ. I’ve set up a new group so if you’re interested please join in and share with friends

I’ve spent ages looking online for good recipes for kitchen and laundry soap so if I don’t come across some soap makers soon I might have to have a dabble.

Some of the awesome New Zealand websites I came across for recipes:

If you have any suggestions for recipes to add to the list please let me know.

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