FAQs about Soap Shakers

Frequently Asked Questions About Soap Shakers 

We get asked a lot of questions about soap shakers. Here are a few FAQs about soap shakers to answer some of your questions:

What is a Soap Shaker?

A Soap Shaker is crafted from stainless steel wire and formed to hold a bar of soap.

How do you use?

Place your favourite soap inside the soap cage / soap shaker and run hot water over while filling the sink. Alternatively you can fill up the sink with water,  swirl the soap cage / soap shaker around until there are suds. After use, hang up to dry or place in your dish rack to dry. Tip: You can also use a soap cage to hang your shampoo soap in the shower.

Why use a Soap Shaker?

Soap shakers are better on the environment and cut down on plastic use.

What soap bar should I use?

We recommend using eco-friendly soap made specifically for the laundry or kitchen.

Can I only use whole bars of soap?

No you can use scraps of soap as well which makes washing dishes this way really economical.

Are soap shakers a new invention?

No our ancestors used soap shakers for every day use.

Whats the difference between a soap cage, a soap shaker and a soap saver?

Essentially they’re just different names for the same kitchen utensil.

Should I use more than one soap shaker in the home?

Yes you can use one for the kitchen area and one for the laundry area. We recommend one for each area to avoid cross contamination. You can also use a soap cage to hold your shampoo bar in the shower.