Cool Repro Soap Shakers Make Great Vintage Gifts

Soap Shakers as Gifts

If you’re on the look out for cool vintage style gifts, check out our Soap Cage. Not only is it a eco-friendly gift that has meaning, it’ll look great hanging out in the kitchen of a vintage inspired home.

Vintage Home

Even though they’re brand spanking new, they’re pretty similar to the original antique design. The original soap shakers sure are hard to find these days.

Gift a Soap Cage
Soap Cage

Most importantly though using a Soap Cage to wash up means that your friend will no longer need to buy plastic bottles of detergent. What a gift!

What about taking a Soap Cage Camping?

Lady Driving Vintage Cadillac

Really what could be more perfect than washing the dishes on a camping trip with a Soap Cage?

Cadillac and Caravan

This posts a work in progress … will add more soon …see you in a bit 🙂

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