Some stuff you might want to know about us

We’re trying to do our little bit to help reduce plastic use in New Zealand. At the moment we’re concentrating on one product, the Soap Cage, but in the future if we can find the right products that fit our philosophy then we’ll bring you more.

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About Us

Soap Cage is located in Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand. We’re an online shop and we don’t have a physical shop to visit so please ask any questions you might have, we’d be happy to help.

We’re proud to bring you the eco-friendly solution to washing your dishes or cleaning in the laundry. No need for plastic detergent bottles any longer.

Soap Cages are also known as a soap shakers or soap savers. The perfect eco- friendly solution to every day cleaning. Simply pop your kitchen or laundry soap into the cage and use the Soap Cage to swish vigorously through water. Clean as usual. 

This isn’t a new concept, our ancestors used this utensil for every day cleaning in the kitchen and laundry. Its fantastic that many people are now looking for ways to reduce plastic use and this is one of them.

At the moment we prefer to send throughout New Zealand only. Lets keep the country clean and green.

Soap Cage hanging out in Auckland