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Pair of Soap Cages
Fight Plastic Pollution with a Soap Cage

1. Reduce Plastic Pollution

I started selling a soap shaker called the Soap Cage a few years ago now in New Zealand. I chose the Soap Cage as my first product because its not only a quality product but its also a really simple way of reducing plastic pollution and reducing waste in New Zealand.

2. Soap Cages

Our Soap Cages are crafted from food grade stainless steel wire, which makes them durable and safe for your kitchen and laundry areas.

Shaped into a metal wire mesh cage shape with a long handle, the cage is hinged and there’s a ring to secure the cage closed. The Soap Cage design allows water to flow freely over the soap and gives you the ability to use every last scrap of soap, so its super economical for your household budget.

My Grandmother used a soap shaker daily, most people did back then. Then over the years, society made the switch to the convenience of liquid detergent in plastic bottles.

Although liquid detergent was fast, easy and convenient. Did we really save that much time by ditching the soap shaker? Compare squirting detergent from a bottle to vigorously swishing a soap cage through water. Not much time for either really.

Making the decision to use a soap shaker for your dishes really is an easy switch to make and one that most of us could do to dramatically reduce plastic pollution in New Zealand.

Soap Bowl

3. Soap Shakers

Soap Shaker, Soap Cage and Soap Saver, whatever you call a Soap Cage, its seriously worth rethinking the way you currently wash your dishes. Find ways to reduce your household waste down to zero waste.

The single use plastic bag law change in New Zealand has made quite an impact on plastic pollution and the way we shop. Pretty painless wasn’t it.

Similarly, using a Soap Cage in your kitchen and laundry is a small change that could have quite an impact on reducing plastic use. If lots of everyday ordinary people made a small change to the way they hand wash their dishes – imagine the change.

Trademe Feedback

4. Peace of mind

Check out our feedback history on our Trademe profile before making your buying decision. We have over 2000 trades on Trademe with great feedback.

5. Limited Choice

When I first started selling Soap Cages, I discovered that there is really only one kitchen soap bar available in most supermarkets – Sunlight Soap. Early in 2019 the company announced it would be pulling Sunlight Soap from the New Zealand Market but there was a huge public outcry and Sunlight Soap was returned to the shelves and is now Australian made.

Over the past few years a variety of wonderful soap bars have entered the New Zealand market so the limited choice there once was is now meeting consumer demand.

FAQs about Soap Shakers

6. FAQ

If you have questions about Soap Cages, Soap Shakers and Soap Savers check out our FAQ page.

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